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Top Reasons Why You Need to be Energy Efficient

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It pays to be energy efficient – doing more or getting more using less energy. Energy efficiency has several important benefits.

Save Money

A significant chunk of the budget goes to energy spending. Each year, the average American household spends an average of on $5,550 on energy payments. Making your home more energy efficient can lead to hundreds of dollars in annual savings.

UsingLED light fixtures instead of the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights will lead to energy savings of 70-90%. This alone can save you over $100.

ENERGY STAR appliances consume 30% less energy and each one has the potential to save you over $100 throughout its useful life.

Energy efficient practices such as washing clothes in cold water and keeping your tires inflated can easily add up to over $100 of annual energy savings.

Contribute to Economic Improvement

Energy efficient practices by government agencies and commercial establishments will lead to savings at a much larger scale.

Ever since the Federal Government has implement energy efficiency regulations on its offices and stared offering incentives to businesses that make energy efficient improvements, the government has enjoyed over $500 billion in energy savings each year.

More than 900,000 people work in energy efficiency projects such as building and infrastructure improvements in the United States.

The growing demand for energy efficient alternatives is continuously pushing industry leaders and innovators to search for breakthroughs that will allow us to use energy in a more efficient manner.

Conserve the Environment

The planet’s natural resources are not infinite. They will eventually get depleted, especially if we use them recklessly. We can help make the world more sustainable by being more energy efficient.

Numerous energy efficient technologies and policies have enabled the United States to use 56% less energy today compared to two decades ago. Without this improved efficiency, the US would have imported and consumed more than double the amount of oil, natural gases, coal, and other energy sources.

Energy consumption sometimes produces emissions that are harmful to the environment. Advancements in energy efficiency technologies and innovations have led to lower and cleaner energy consumption which leads to decreased pollution. The US alone prevents more than 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions per year thanks to the significant investments it has made in energy efficiency.

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