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Advantages of Recessed LED Lighting

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LED lighting is considered by most as the ideal and smartest illumination solution today. It is extremely energy efficient and is safe and easy to install. With a lengthy lifespan and near zero maintenance cost, using LED lights to improve the aesthetics of a home or office simply makes sense. In fact, the demand for LED lighting accessories such as luminaires and light fixtures grows exponentially each year. Below are a few reasons why.

Ease of Installation

Replacing all of your incandescent lights with LED lighting solutions requires no additional effort as most LED lights will fit perfectly into incandescent cans. However, some states have already passed laws requiring residential and commercial establishments to use special LED recessed cans and connectors along with their LED lights. Doing the latter, even if it is not required by state laws, is advised as the long term benefit heavily outweighs the small price of buying LED cans and connectors.

Illusion of More Space

A Recessed LED light makes a room look significantly bigger than it actually is. It creates a visual impression of spaciousness by blurring a room’s perimeter boundaries with the soft, delicate hue that emanates from it. Hence, if you install recessed LED lighting on your ceiling, your ceiling will look taller and the room wider. LED fixtures are also unobtrusive and come in a wide variety of colors making them easy to meld seamlessly into your interior design.

Unmatched Versatility

Recessed LED lights can be used almost anywhere due to their non-obtrusive nature. They come in different lumens values that allows you to choose one with just the right amount brightness that you need. You can use them as for ambient lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Dimmable LED lights even allow you to change the intensity or color of the light. You can use them as intense work lights one moment and as soothing mood lights the next. LED lighting solutions are also quite durable making them ideal for outdoor use.