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How to Upgrade Your Recessed Light Fixture

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Recessed lighting has become an incredibly popular interior design trend primarily because it can make a room appear much bigger. This is made possible by two things. First, recessed lights take up less space. They are set into the ceiling with nothing hanging down which makes the ceiling appear higher and more spacious. Second, recessed lighting creates a wall washing effect that makes a room appear bright and improves light diffusion within it thus making the walls appear farther apart.

Change the Trim, Change the Style

Simply getting replacementtrim rings for recessed lighting can completely change the fixture’s appearance. Best thing about it is you can complete the process in just a few minutes and without the need to use any tools. It is simply one of those tasks that are perfect for DIYers.

Step 1: Removing the Old Trim

Turn off the switch and circuit breaker to eliminate any chance of getting yourself electrocuted if you make a mistake or if there is fault in the wiring. Then remove the bulb and check inside the metal housing and look for the sticker than contains the brand name and model number of the recessed housing as well as the trim styles it is compatible with. If you can’t find the sticker or it is damaged and the words are unclear, take the old trim to the lighting store and look for matches or just ask the clerk to identify it for you.

Step 2: Installing the New Trim

Pull out the old trim and attach the new one to the same hooks the old one was attached to. Turn the breaker and switch back on to see if your newly upgraded recessed light fixture is working properly. If you are using a CFL light, take extra care in handling the bulb as it contains mercury which is a hazardous material. To avoid such inconvenience in the future, we suggest you switch to LED lights. Led lighting is mercury-free and also boasts the most efficient energy consumption and the longest lifespan. LEDs are also generally more durable than other types of lighting options.