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How to Use Lighting to Increase Your Home Security

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Only burglars like a dark house. Keep your home well lit to make it a less likely target for intruders by installing security lighting. You can use one or a set of fixtures depending on the size of your perimeter. You can choose from an array of solutions such as security floodlights,adjustable wall light fixtures, lighting with motion detectors, battery operated lights that can be installed in areas where wiring is not available, and more.

Keep in mind, however, that there is more to security lighting that just having bright lights. There needs to be uniformity in your illumination and the fixtures should be arranged in a way that eliminates the highest number of dark areas in your yard and around your home. Check out a few tips below on how lighting can be used to help keep your home secure.

1. Flood Lights with Motion Sensors

One way of making a burglar turn tail, run away, and never come back is spooking him. One way of doing so is by installing dual flood lights with motion sensors on all sides of your home. These lights automatically turn on when movement is detected.

2. Wall Light Fixtures with Timers

Install wall lights and aim them on possible entrances to your home such as doors and windows. Have them connected to an in-wall timer so that they turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically.

3. Battery Operated Lights for Blind Spots

Turn all your security lights on and walk around the perimeter and identify potential blind spots. If the electrical wiring can’t reach these blind spots, use battery-run lighting fixtures to illuminate them.

4. Secure the Back

Burglars won’t always go through the front. They can make the back of your home their target point of entry, especially if you have woods in your backyard. Illuminate areas where intruders may try and hide when approaching your back door from the woods.

5. Use LED Lights

Security lighting fixtures need to stay turned on for about 6 hours each day. It is vital that you use the most efficient solutions available. And nothing is more efficient than LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting. At a power consumption rate 80-95% lower than incandescent lights, LEDs can keep your home illuminated throughout the night without leaving you with huge electric bills.