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Tips to Achieve Perfect Uplighting

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Uplighting has quickly become a popular trend in both interior and exterior decorating. Many like it because of its distinct extravagance. Below are a few tips on how to achieve the perfect uplighting.

1. Vibrant Colors

There is no subtlety in uplighting. It is all about highlighting an object or spot. Choose vibrant colors to make the uplighting stand out more. Bright colors also have a positive effect on the mood of most people. It also provides a welcoming atmosphere for guests as if the vivacious lights are inviting them to take a closer look. Choose colors that have good contrast with the rest of the area. Magenta, purple, blue, and red are often the best colors to use.

2. Go LED

Incandescent fixtures are horrible for uplighting. Incandescent lights get hot extremely fast and break a lot easier compared to their newer counterparts so having them in places children can easily reach is a no-no. They are also quite heavy when it comes to power consumption and can make your electric bill skyrocket. And lastly, they come only in a few different colors. LEDs fixtures, on the other hand, don’t get hot and are far more durable. LEDs are also 80-95% more efficient than incandescents. LEDs are also available in a wider variety of colors. Some fixtures are even dimmable.

3. Table/Chair Placement

The tables, chairs, pergolas, and whichever objects you place over the uplighting fixture will greatly affect the overall look and impact of the arrangement. The colors of each one should complement the rest. Proper spacing is also vital to make sure the light achieves the desired effect and that people won’t accidentally damage the uplighting fixture.

4. Static or Dynamic

Homeowners who use LED fixtures have the choice between using lights with a single color or lights that can be programmed to roll gently from one color to another. We advise non-professional designers to just stick with asingle color LED light. Using color-changing lights in an uplighting arrangement can be very complicated. You’ll have to check how well each color blends with the rest of the arrangement and the area which can take a lot of time, effort, and trial-and-error.