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Top 3 Home Security Lighting Tips

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We are living in tough times and we can never have too much security. Adequate indoor and outdoor lighting is one of the most inexpensive ways of deterring criminals from targeting your home. Proper installation is also vital since poorly installed lighting fixtures can easily be removed by intruders.

Interior Home Lights

Leaving the light on to make intruders think a resident is still awake. In fact, many home invaders consider a single turned on light as a sign that nobody is home and the house is ripe for burglarizing. You can get more sophisticated lighting to outsmart intruders. Lights connected to motion detectors, for example, automatically turn on when motion is detected. It burglar comes near the house; a light near him will turn on and make him think he’s already been spotted.

Exterior Lights

Making intruders not want to enter your house is great, deterring them from even wanting to walk into your yard is even better. The latter can be accomplished with a good external lighting setup. A well-lit yard gives the impression that the homeowners care about security and most intruders will immediately assume that the security inside the home is even tighter. Efficiency is key to good external lighting since you will need to have the lights turned on for about 6 hours each night. We highly recommendUS Green Lighting’sLED 12W Wall Pack 3000K Wall Mount Lantern Fixture. Generating an output of 930 Lumens at a consumption of just 12 watts, this bad boy’s 50,000 hours of life can protect you for 22.8 years. Its durable aluminum construction with frosted glass lens makes it a protector you can rely on.


Intruders are patient in observing a home they consider invading. Having only one light turned on for hours makes for a good go signal for them. One effective way of making them think several people in the house are still awake is by using timed lights. Lights with timers can be programmed to turn on and off automatically. You can set them up so they lights from different rooms in the house keep turning on and off throughout the night.