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Vapor Proof LED Lighting Fixtures

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Vapor proof lighting fixtures are the recommended illumination option for areas with wet and dusty conditions. They are safeguarded from the elements which make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Vapor proof lighting is often used in car washes, parking garages, airports, warehouses, docks, laundry facilities, subway tunnels, locker rooms, food processing facilities, and other similar areas with high exposure to dirt, dust, and humidity.

Vapor proof lighting solutions typically use rugged die-cast housings to hold the lamp socket and wiring to make the fixture impervious to moisture, rain, corrosive fumes, non-combustible dusts, and non-explosive gases.

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating and Its Relevance to Vapor Proof Lights

The IP (Ingress Protection) Rating is the universally used way of defining the level of sealing effectiveness an electrical enclosure has against intrusion from moisture and foreign bodies such as dirt and dust. Always check the IP rating of a lighting solution to make sure it will fit your requirements.


Product can endure 3.3 gallons of water per minute being projected by a 0.25-inch nozzle with a pressure of 30 kPa from a distance of 3 yards for a minimum of 15 minutes.


Product can endure 26.4 gallons of water per minute being jetted by a 0.50-inch nozzle with a pressure of 100 kPa from a distance of 3 yards for a minimum of 3 minutes.


Product can endure being fully submerged in at least one meter of water for at least 30 minutes.

LED All the Way

Several vapor proof lighting fixtures are available today and LED (Light-Emitting Diode) solutions remain to be the most preferred due primarily to their unmatched energy efficiency, incredibly long life, and almost zero maintenance requirements. LEDs are also directional, sending light directly where it is needed. And LEDs contain no mercury thus making their disposal safe and easy. Lastly, LED technology is constantly evolving at an impressive pace. It is expected that LED solutions will continue to become cheaper, longer lasting, more efficient, and more durable in the next several years. So if you need illumination for a damp room or space, getting a vapor proof LED lighting fixture is the only way to go. Consider checking out USGL’sLED 40 Watt 46" Vapor Proof Garage Shop Light Fixture 5000K.