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How to Achieve Perfect Lighting for Your Bathroom

Each family member uses the bathroom each day so it is essential for a good home to have a relaxing and functional bathroom.Recommended Light BulbA Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulb is the best choice. The higher price compared to incandescent bulbs and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) is well worth it especially since LEDs are actually [...]

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How to Get the Best Lighting for Your Room

Lighting is a very important aspect of a home. It can affect your sleep schedule, health, and home safety. It is, therefore, not surprising that many take their time in deciding the best lighting for their home. After all, home is where you spend a big portion of your life.Aside from adding to a relaxing [...]

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Improved Lighting For Your Bedroom

Today’s lighting market reflects Americans looking for improved lighting options for their bedrooms. There is the need for brighter light for selecting clothes, jewelry, socks etc. There is also a need for softer warmer light for relaxing or reading a book. Here at DLC Lights, we offer homeowners the flexibility to accomplish both needs.The majority of our LED [...]

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Top 3 Myths About LED Lights

LED started taking residential lighting by storm around 2007. Since then, numerous rumors, misconceptions, half-truths, and myths about the technology have spread. LEDs have also been constantly evolving. What used to be true about LEDs in the past may not necessarily be true today. Below are truths about LED lights that lie behind the most [...]

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5 Creative Lighting Ideas for your Home!

Most households think of lighting as functional. Lighting exists to illuminate the home when it gets dark and that’s it. This way of thinking is a waste of opportunity. There are countless decorative ways of using lighting. Utilized properly, light bulbs and lamps can add elegance and liveliness to your interior. Below are 5 creative [...]

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Top Reasons Why LED Bulbs are Best for Shop Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to the success of any commercial establishment. Good lighting makes your products look more appealing and also helps prevent accidents such as customers tripping over something. There are four main types of shop lighting:General lighting – your primary source of retail store lighting that is intended to ensure your customers feel [...]

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